ISTW Corporate philosophy and Mission

  1. We, as a steel pipe and tube manufacturer, have a mission in contributing to our society by supplying our product of high quality and proving ourselves worthy of customer’s trust
  2. We, as a member of the community, are conscious of Our Social Responsibility and go in harmony with the community.
  3. We recognize that Safety and Environment are most important and we make positive efforts and actions to secure them.
  4. We promote the creation of the economic and social value of the company in order to be trusted by our customers, shareholder and other stakeholders in the competitive world

 10 Principles of Innovation

  1. Discard old-fashion ways of reasoning
  2. Think of a new method to solve the problem
  3. Don’t make any excuses. Just fix the current condition
  4. Do it right away although it is only 50%. Don’t wait for it to be perfect
  5. Correct the errors immediately
  6. Start innovation from the least cost available
  7. No problem means no innovation
  8. Ask 5 “WHY” to find the root cause
  9. 10 people’s ideas are better than a single person’s knowledge
  10. Innovation will never end