Steel tube application in general construction project is also one of ISTW main products. With its durability and sturdiness, steel tubes are easy to customize and applicable to various kinds of applications. Steel tubes can be used to build small units of compartments to sky crappers. As a tool, we can find steel tubes used as scaffolding for workers to work on high rise buildings.

To serve different purposes, steel tubes are manufactured in many different kinds of forms such as rectangle, oval, round, square or even hexagonal. Steel tubes are also produced with different types of length and thickness depending on the customers' needs and specification. As an addition , steel tubes do not always come in straight bar but it can also be bent.

Based on the above facts, ISTW as one of the largest steel tube manufactures in Indonesia , provide various kinds of steel tubes and pipes with excellent quality and precision. With our standardized machines and equipments along with skillful and experienced engineers, we can assure you that all of your request, specification and requirement will be taken into our great consideration and will be carried out through our production policy in order to meet mutual satisfaction.