Steel tube manufacturer with excellent quality and precision in Indonesia has been trusted to ISTW ( Indonesia Steel Tube Works because of our precision and quality products. With almost more than 300 customers have been satisfied with our products and services, ISTW will continue providing excellent products of pipes and tubes for our customers.

Since 1971 , ISTW has been evolved into a modernized and an outstanding steel tube manufacturer. Using the most advanced pipe producing mill , we continuously produce around 140,000 MT / year and 10,000,000 pieces / month of cutting capacity. We believe that in the coming year, these numbers will increase rapidly due to the increasing number of demands around Indonesia. We will also put our utmost dedication and effort to meet our customers requests or orders.

 Product Applications

Most of our products are either used or installed for several kinds of applications :

A. building machine construction for cars and motorcycles

B, building scaffolding for general construction

C.  Making clean water system

D.  creating fences and hydrant and more

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Types of Products

Our factories manufacture many kinds of products with different sizes and alloys such as : round, square, oval or rectangular mechanical tubes. We also provide steel tube, galvanized pipes, black pipes and steel pipes too. Most of these products have to go through our several standardized tests in order to meet our product quality checkpoints.

We are sure that our experience and expertise in manufacturing steel tubes and pipes can be your valuable information in choosing one of our products. Give us a call 24/7 and we will contact you for further information as soon as possible.

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